Holiday Camps

DEFENCE: One-on-one D – including controlling the dribbler, defending a player in triple threat and shutting down opponents one after the other with Yusuf’s unparalleled ability to make advanced techniques seem simple

BALL HANDLING: Learning detail on how to execute ball handling moves and most importantly when to use them PASSING: Types of passes and executing the best type of pass to ensure your teammate scores

OFFENCE: Scoring without the ball

PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT: Speed, strength/conditioning and info on eating to perform at your best.

MENTAL DEVELOPMENT: Self-motivation and self belief supported through activities and goal setting. Not to mention having a flat out, energetic, uplifting and FUN filled day! The way we believe Holidays should be. We encourage all basketballers with all skills and experience levels to participate, the camp is designed to cater for the most novice to advanced players with a desire to see all kids improve in all aspects.